ECC Approves Gas, Electricity Payments Relief Package for Industries, Small Businesses

Islamabad (A Reporter): Government will pay three months electricity bills of those who are using 5Kw commercial connection or 70KW Industrial connections. Economic Coordination Committee approved package for the small business and relief in the gas and electricity bills for the industrial sector.

Addressing a press conference, Minister for Industry, Hammad Azhar said for those with 5KW commercial or 70 KW industrial connections, the govt will pay their electricity bills for up to 3 months after they restart their business. Consumption data from past will be used as a benchmark.

In a tweet he said ECC has today approved the package that shall benefit 35 lac small businesses.

In a tweet MoI Hammad Azhar said “the sums deposited in their bills will stay valid for utilisation upto 6 months. The sum will be based on actual consumption and total payments made from the meter in the May, June, July 2019 period combined.”

“95% of all commercial and 80% of all industrial connections in the country will benefit from this cash injection in their businesses. These business are overwhelmingly of micro, small and medium scale,” he said in a tweet.

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