Online Business is the Only Option for Markets, Says Sindh Govt

Karachi (Business Reporter) Sindh government directed small business owners to open their shops for selling products online only. This will open a new business opportunity for the web development and e-commerce companies.

Sindh government directed all the markets that markets could only be opened from 9a.m to 3p.m for online business. Shops doors will remain close and it will open when online delivery was made or when shops are procuring stocks. Markets are being allowed to work from Monday to Thursday.

Sindh government’s directives has open a big opportunity for the e-commerce and web development companies. “Many small business owners are rushing to establish e-commerce website or facebook pages and they are searching ways to market their shops.” said Fahad, an e-commerce developer.

However, Attique Mir, chairman of markets association said many shop owners are not aware about the method of doing e-commerce or online business. This will take time and till than small business will suffer.

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