Buy An Android Phone If You Have to Use alBaraka Bank’s App

Lahore (A Correspondent): The alBaraka Bank is probably the only bank in the world which ask it’s customers to change their phone for using alBarak Mobile App.

For some months, alBaraka Bank’s customers who have iPhone were not able to use mobile app. A message of “cancelled” appears on top when customer tries to login from an iPhone. A customer, who doesn’t want to be mentioned, told this correspondent that alBaraka Bank’s customer service always assured that matter will be resolved soon. But this assurance has not been realized yet. “When I called the help line they said that the issue will be resolved in 7 working days,” said the aggrieved customer. “However, despite repeated calls over 90 days the issue remains unresolved.”

What was surprising for the iPhone customer was the suggestion from Bank’s helpline. “Please use our mobile app from an android phone,” a standard reply from customer service. “Now I have to buy an android phone to use alBaraka Bank’s mobile phone app?” asked the customer.

In this day and age when all banks and other businesses are going the extra mile to provide online services to consumers, this tardiness is beyond explanation.

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