Ivanka-Elon Spat: What “Red Pill” Means?

News Desk: President Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump and Telsa’s owner Elon Musk had an exchange on twitter when Elon twitted “take a red pill” and she replied “Taken”.

What Red Pill means:

“You take the red pill you stay in wonderland,” this is what explained in the movie Matrix in which Morpheus told Neo that he has been living in the computer simulation. Red and Blue pills will guide him after his awakening and coming out from the simulation. Blue pills means”the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.”

So here Elon may have hinted that Trump administration is living in wonderland, far from reality. And people sould take red pill because misery is not going to end soon. And Ivanka replied “Taken” suggested that whatever we are doing we are doing right you can believe whatever you want to believe.

Elon Musk has recently been critical of lockdown and declared it fascist tactic. His twit came after Fed Chair’s interview to CBS in which he said unemployment can go up to 25 percent.

Red Pill is also referred for those who are following right wing policies. A group of misogynist used this term to challenge feminism.

Business Insider explains “But taking the red pill, or being “red-pilled,” is much more commonly used on the internet to denote a right-wing political awakening.

And Elon Musk taunted with this twit

Apparently “Matrix” is their favorite movie. Will Ivanka reply Elon Musk who has been considered leader of the undeclared anti-regulatory movement in the USA.

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