IMF Sends Positive Signals for Pakistan

IMF Press Briefing

Islamabad: Gerry Rice, Director communication of IMF, expressed optimism that talks with Pakistan end on positive note. as IMF is taking in account the post-Covid situation.

Here is the Transcript of His Media Briefing:

On Pakistan, what’s the status of the Extended Fund Facility, which is another of our instruments that we used, that we use to support our membership? And, again, before talking about that, let me just mention, as I did in a previous case, that, a number of weeks ago, the IMF already provided emergency financing to Pakistan in the context of the COVID-19 crisis, and that was in the amount of about $1.4 billion, approved by our Board in April, and on the Extended Fund Facility, which was already in place with Pakistan, I can tell you that technical discussions with the authorities continue. They remain fluid with a view to bringing that second review of that program, that Extended Fund Facility, to a positive conclusion, as soon as possible. We’re working with the authorities, constructively, to ensure that that can be brought to a positive conclusion, as soon as possible, while taking into account the new conditions that we’re facing in Pakistan, and to ensure the program delivers on its objectives

Complete Press Briefing (In the IMF Video Question on Pakistan is answered in the video at 23:41 minutes)

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