K-Electric is Misleading Citizens of Karachi, Says Sui Southern

Karachi (Business Reporter): A corporate tussle started between K=Electric and Sui Southern Gas Company, as SSGC declared K-Electric’s claim of low gas supply as ‘false.’\

“KE recently asked SSGC to enhance its routine summer gas supplies from 190 mmcfd to 240 mmcfd. Two days later, KE asked SSGC to further enhance gas supplies to 290 mmcfd,” gas supplying company stated in a press release.

‘K-Electric by attributing prolonged power outages in Karachi to SSGC is misleading the citizens of the city,” SSGC press release stated. “KE is falsely flaming that SSGC has curtailed its gas supplies, when presently it is supplying KE with 240 mmcfd gas, which is 50 mmcfd more than the routine load of 190 mmcfd.”

SSGC also revealed that original supply agreement between SSGC and KE is only 10 mmcfd.

K-Electric has recently blamed SSGC for not supplying required gas for running gas fired plants. K-Electric also blamed oil companies for not supply furnace oil. However, oil division claims that country is not facing any oil shortage.

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