Terror Attack at PSX: Terrorist Killed, Trading Continues Smoothly

Karachi (Monitoring Desk): Four terrorist attacked at Pakistan Stock Exchange today morning but quick response from the security guards foiled this attempt. Security guards killed all four terrorists. Terrorists killed three innocent people in the market. Trading continued smoothly during the incident.

According to the media report, four terrorists attacked around 10.05 in the morning. Rescue workers told tv channels that four attackers came in a car and entered in the stock exchange area. He said blood was seen inside the building.

Abdi Ali Habib, member stock exchange, was inside the stock market building when attackers tried to enter inside the building. Abdi Ali Habib told news channels that all members closed their offices as soon as they heard firing shots. He said all people were saved inside the members’ offices.

Trading at the stock exchange continued during the attack. Abid Ali Habib, and Muzzamil Aslam, analysts, said trading did not stop for a minute which is a sign of strong position of the market.

Market initially witnessed decline of few points, but started recovering as soon as channels started airing killing of all four terrorists. More than million shares traded till 11.12 a.m .

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