Prime Minister: ‘Cartel Enjoys Support from FBR, Competition Commission’

Islamabad (Monitoring Desk): Prime Ministe of Pakistan Imran Khan said people at the Federal Bureau of Reveanue and Competition Commission of Pakistan were complacent with sugar and other mafias. He vowed to take action against all cartels and mafias.

“Sugar Industry took subsidy of PKR 29 billion but paid only PKR 9 billion tax,” Prime Minister said while addressing at the National Assembly. “All regulators were complacent with the cartels thought they were supposed to stop and check cartilisation.” He said people at FBR and Competition Commission of Pakistan were supporting cartels and mafia.

Prime Minister supported restructuring and reform plan of Public Sector Enterprises like Steel Mill and PIA. “We will follow reform and restructuring agenda,” he told members of the National Assembly.

This is first time that head of the state directly blamed FBR or CCP for supporting cartels. Analysts said heads will role in the FBR and CCP now.

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