Alert: Inflation Numbers Show Upward Trend, CPI in June Reported at 8.59%

Pakistan Inflation in May 2020

Karachi (Business Reporter): Inflation numbers moved up in the month of June. Federal Bureau of Statistics reported Consumer Price Index was at 8.59 percent in the month of June. CPI increased by 0.82 percent when compared with the numbers of May2020.

According to Topline Research CPI for full-year FY20 clocked in at 10.74% YoY compared to 6.8% YoY in FY19.

Inflation for Jun’20 arrives at 8.59%. With this, Inflation for the complete year FY20 arrives at 10.74%. Last year, FY19, CPI inflation stood at 6.80% while a year earlier, FY18, CPI inflation stood at 4.68%. Here is the summary:

Inflation FY18: 4.68%
Inflation FY19: 6.80%
Inflation FY20: 10.74%

Inflation for year FY21 (Jul’20 to Jun’21) is projected to be 6.5%.
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