Edgy FBR Gets New Chairperson, Javaid Ghani Appointed as Chairman FBR

The federal government appointed Muhammad Javaid Ghani as the chairman of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), He will replaced Nausheen Javaid Amjad who was appointed April this year. In the tenure of Finance Minister Dr Hafeez Sheikh, Javid Ghani will be the third chairperson of the FBR.

Ghani holds an LLM (Master of Laws) degree in international economic law from Warwick University. Ghani was a member of the FBR Board of Customs Policy.

Although, Ghani has been assigned this post until the appointment of a permanent chairperson, but sources said Ghani may continue for a long time.

FBR chairperson Nosheen Amjad is now posted as secretary national heritage and culture division.

Tax collection numbers made some quarters in the government unhappy therefore Nosheen Amjad was sent out from the Q block and FBR. She will now look after culture and heritage. This will be a shock for her, a retired bureaucrat said. In the male dominated economic team, Nosheen Amjad was already a minority. Nosheen Amjad was also not very flexible in the cases of exemptions. However, she had been able to achieve tax collection target of PKR 3.9 trillion.

Tax machinery is on the edge since the Shabbar Zaidi’s time when tax revenue target was set above PKR 5 trillion mark. Shabbar Zaidi accepted tax target of PKR 5.5 trillion although, everyone was saying it was an unrealistic target. This is not clear whether Zaidi was trapped with this target or Zaidi was himself over confident. Whoever had suggested the unrealistic PKR 5.5 trillion target, had sent Zaidi to the rough terrain. Zaidi decided to take medical leave after staying 9 months in the FBR although, he was appointed on two years’ contract.

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