India to Buy US 5G Technology, Google, Facebook to Invest in the Indian Digital Ecosystem

Monitoring Desk: India has decided to buy US and European 5G technology. The United States India Business Council (USIBC), an Indian business power house in the United States, said that “on Thursday said that “India and America are likely to partner on 5G networks.”

USIBC President Nisha Biswal termed this collaboration “a strategic alliance.” “We have a very large digitally savvy population in both countries,” Ms Nisha Biswal told ANI, an Indian news agency.

“So I do expect that digital commerce and all areas of of the technology collaboration are going to continue to grow. I also think that the US and India will partner on 5G and creating kind of digital infrastructure of the future. And this will continue to be an area of growing importance.”

Google’s $10 Billion

Google, which is headed by an Indian American Sundar Pichai, announced investing $10billion in an exclusive project called “Google for India.”

Alphabet Inc, which owns Google, will invest $10 billion over the next five to seven years to creat a digital ecosystem. India is the fifth largest economy that is emerging as a 5G battleground for internet giants.

In April Facebook has also announced investment plan in India. Facebook will invest $5.7 billion in the digital plat form of Jio Mobile, which owned by the Reliance Industries.

Isolating China

India has joined US led drive to thwart China’s bid to become leader in the 5G technology. After a deadly scuffle with China on high altitude, India has banned Chinese applications including Tick Tok. How long India can avoid Chinese technology is not a very difficult question. Indian telecom sector is making huge profit because of affordable Chinese mobile phone set.

Regional Outlook

While India is joining US camp in the 5G war, she will be surrounded by the Chinese 5G technology. Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal will be using Huawei’s Technology. Huawei is already building 5G infrastructure in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran and Nepal. In 2018, Huawei conducted first trial run of 5G technology in Bangladesh. China is expected to have 70 percent of world’s 5G subscribers.

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